About Us

Rachna Timbers is a well-established, and a forward-moving solid wood furniture manufacturing firm, which is located about 400 km's East from Delhi, on the north Indian side. The spot where Rachna Timbers is located is enriched with natural resources and different wood raw materials, with an exception of Mango and Sheesham wood. With over 40 years of experience in the wood industry, Rachna Timbers has been working in the solid wood field and handicraft manufacturing for over 10 years now.

Rachna Timbers has grown extremely wide, and possesses its own saw mills, treatment and seasoning plant, and also a furniture manufacturing unit, which is equipped with hi-tech and state-of-the-art technologies and advancements, to provide the best solid wood furniture, in the Indian market. Moreover, to add the icing to the cake, Rachna Timbers also has its own polishing booth, which helps it to complete its process of making a shining and perfect piece o slid wood furniture. Being one of the most eco-friendly wood furniture manufacturing firms in Indian, Rachna Timbers is proficient in using the wood, which is specified by the forestry department and to which, we have been permitted and licensed. With an excellent command over the quality of wood, the selection of material for each product and a firm grasp every step of the way, Rachna Timbers has been producing some of the best furniture sets you have seen.

Apart from all those eye-catching points, Rachna Timbers also owns 7 different kiln chambers, which provide a 15000 cubic ft capacity for seasoning and treatment of woods. With more than 27 different machines for the cutting process of wood and manufacturing of each furniture piece, Rachna Timbers has a factory which is spread into 2 acres of land, with more than 160 labors working onsite. Since last 10 years, Rachna Timbers has been providing different cities of India with exquisite and extravagant furniture pieces. They have also been supplying other handicrafts to India's few of the premiere export houses such as C.L. Gupta Exports Ltd.- Moradabad U.P., Vamani Overseas Pvt. Ltd - Faridabad H.R and Art Asia Jaipur Raj. etc.

The staff at Rachna Timbers consists of people, who are best in their business. The detailing department for decorative furniture and the polishing department includes employees, who have an experience of over 3 decades, which makes them the best at what they do. Moreover, our health safety precautions at Rachna Timbers have been certified and licensed by different higher authorities, in order to make sure our staff remains safe and ever healthy.

By using the green method of producing solid wood furniture, Rachna Timbers has played a significant role in saving the environment. As we move towards the future, Rachna Timbers looks forward to providing even better solid wood furniture to furniture enthusiasts in India, whether they are home owners, or are looking for the finest furniture for their workspace.