42 Years

of Wood Business

30 Years

of Solid Wood Business

15000 C/Ft

Capacity of Seasoning & Treatment Plant

Who We Are?

Rachna Timbers is a forward-moving firm, specializing in the manufacturing of furniture, with solid wood. Rachna Timbers aims towards dealing with only FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) Legal Woods, which means our products are manufactured by 100% Legal Woods as directed by Govt of India. We only use those Legal Woods which comes from area outside New Delhi, which is basically the hub to Mango and Seasome wood. At Rachna Timbers, we make our best efforts to care and save the environment, by deliberately avoiding waste.
With an experience of over 40 years in the wood industry and an added 10 years experience in the solid wood manufacturing fieldwork , Rachna Timbers has proved its metal in the market and gained fame with the exceptionally crafted furniture options it offers. Based near Delhi in North India, Rachna Timbers has been one of the most influential wood furniture, manufacturers for years now. With a leaning towards Mango and Sheesham wood material, Rachna Timbers has hi-tech facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art modern technology, and 15000 cubic ft capacity for seasoning and treatment of woods, which we use to create the masterpieces of furniture, you can see on our website. You simply cannot beat solid wood furniture for looks and perceived quality. There have been several materials used, for the manufacturing of furniture, however, professionally crafted and finished wooden furniture has no competition at all. So, are you trying to decide which solid wood furniture would go with the decor of your house, the ambience and look exceptionally attractive? Rachna Timbers has a list of options in the inventory, to fit your needs and requirements. Rachna Timbers produces a wide range of wood products, with a main focus on decorative wood furniture and using our core material; solid wood, we are proficient in producing furniture for your commercial, as well as residential needs. From an environment friendly facility to much more, Rachna Timbers has an aims towards defining quality, choice and sustainability. By creating the allure of wood in your home, we make sure that our staff has done enough, to satisfy our customers, every time they choose us over our competitors.

Experience the Awesomeness!

A handmade furniture made with passion for people with passion

Passion and experience

At Rachna Timbers, we believe in the concept 'Perfection is the key'. All our manufactured piece of timber wood furniture products are made with the finest and state-of-the-art equipment, and the material we use is 100% solid wood. Our staff has over 40 years of experience in the wood industry, while 10 years of expertise, dealing with solid wood furniture product. With full collaboration with our customers, we come up with the best products, you have even seen in the wood industry. Moreover, we make the best efforts to save the environment, by using green processes and manufacturing techniques.

With our efforts towards bringing perfection into our products, while saving the forested areas simultaneously, we have some of the most advanced equipment to use. First, we make sure to get the raw materials, in the most environment-friendly way possible, and after that we bring that into our own saw mills, located outside the Delhi City, to turn our raw material into by-products and other materials. Then, we use our equipment, installed in our 15000 cubic ft capacity for seasoning and treatment of woods, and finally provide the customers with the perfect solid wood furniture sets.

Perfection is the key

Creating the best pieces of furniture from pure solid wood is not just our profession, it is our passion. The team at Rachna Timbers is passionate about providing you with the best designs, perfection in products and everything you have ever dreamed of. Making an exquisite piece of furniture through the raw material we extract is one of the most overwhelming feelings we have every witnessed in our lives. We gain pleasure by providing our customers with the satisfaction they have, seeing our manufactured furniture in their home and outdoor decor. Our passion for woodworks has driven Rachna Timbers to reach new heights, in the field of solid wood furniture manufacturing.

Apart from passion, when we talk about experience, each and every employee at Rachna Timbers has bagged years of experience in what they do. With a combined experience of 40 years in the woodwork industry and over 10 years of experience dealing with solid wood furniture, we have brought about a revolution of wood furniture in India. Our passion to move forward has developed a highly creative and innovative team of designers, who spend days on a single piece of furniture, and through detailing and excellent craftsmanship, we offer you with the best solid wood furniture in the market of India.



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